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Active Shooter

Active Shooter workshops train individuals and groups in tactics for survival in the event of an active shooter threat or attack. Participants learn the most proven strategies in workshops that are hands-on, practical and dynamic.

Lightning Module

Full day of training in techniques from all levels, from strikes and groundfighting to defenses against handgun threats, stick & knife attacks and much more. The typical Lightning Module starts early in the morning and continues for 8 – 10  hours. Once or twice each year, we offer a 2-day Lightning Module for those looking for an even more challenging experience!  

Women’s Self-Defense

Throughout the year BKM offers special hands-on workshops just for women (ages 12 and up). Situations covered include Rape-Defense, Defending Against Home Invasion, Escape & Defense Against Domestic Violence, Defense Against Abduction, and more. Our Women’s workshops are always safe and supportive, and participants learn skills for life!

“Bullies Back Off!”

For kids from age 5 to 11, our No Bullies Allowed! workshops teach kids how to respond to attempts at bullying. Children learn effective ways to ‘walk away’ safely, to use their powers of persuasion, to stand their ground if necessary, and to defend themselves assertively if the situation demands. These workshops are fun, diverse, and confidence-building.

“Safe Teens First!”

Whether in school, away at college, or just hanging out, our teens encounter a wide variety of situations that can, unfortunately, become threatening–or worse. Our SafeTeens First! workshops, for teens from age 12 to 19, teach participants effective ways to verbally defuse conflict situations, to remain alert to potentially dangerous encounters, and, if necessary, how to defend themselves when escape may not be possible.


Self-defense isn’t just for the young! Our Senior Strong workshops provide training to senior citizens who may need to defend themselves against an assailant. These workshops provide instruction custom-designed for seniors at all levels of ability, including those who use canes, crutches, and wheelchairs. Our Senior Strong workshops are fun, informative and empowering.

Belt Test Review Workshops

Students planning to test for promotion are required to attend at least one review workshop for their test-level.