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I felt so welcome in all of the classes
and not judged at all for my lack of experience. This is a very clean facility. Each instructor was wonderful, patient, encouraging and very knowledgeable.  ~ Jennifer J.

Just got home from my trial class. It was insane . Such a group of great people and teachers. Place was clean and had everything you need. Very intense in a great way. Instructors were amazing they explained everything step by step.  I love it. I going to join. I’ve studied other martial arts before this is the best I have ever been apart of….   ~ Oscar C.

I joined Blitz Krav Maga because of their expertise in teaching Krav Maga. I’ll admit that, as a female, I was hesitant at first. I also had no martial arts experience. After only a few weeks of training, however, the instructors and students at BKM became my second family. The instructors go above and beyond to ensure that each student pushes their limits. With the support and motivation from BKM’s staff and fellow students, I tested for and passed my yellow belt exam after 4 months of training. I’m forever grateful to Michael Blitz, Michael Cohen, and the rest of the instructors for pushing me to be a stronger, more confident person.   ~ Clarissa Podell

Amazing, respectful instructors – they’ll push you to break your own limitations. You really know the place is like a second home when you get bruised and can’t wait heal up and come back.  ~ Shown Kumar

The best training I have undertaken in martial arts – Top notch training center and the most professional and knowledge based instructors.  Highly recommended !!  ~Steven George

Our Hadassah group held a private program at Blitz Krav Maga for women and a separate one for our kids. We learned so much and highly recommend this training for everyone!  ~ Laurie Introp

Great place to train. Quality instructors and training that you could use in real life. Never a boring class.  ~ Lenny Schimmel

BKM has the most diverse training, and the instructors are top notch. You’ll get a better workout here than at any gym.  ~ Don “the Skipper” Krivohlavy

Training at Blitz Krav Maga has been an empowering experience. The instructors are knowledgeable and helpful, and the classes are both challenging and fun. The BKM facility is state of the art and provides a safe environment to learn self-defense and get a great workout.  ~ Hedy Horowitz

BKM is a great place for a lot of reasons! The facility is big, clean and has everything for all levels of training. The instructors and students together really promote a “family feel” environment. This has made my Krav Maga training here a great experience.  ~ Tommy Bagni

I joined the Blitz KM “team” in June 2016. In just over a year’s time, I’ve found my focus, energy and sense of purpose and enthusiasm for training, learning and – [soon!] – teaching has never been greater. I have great respect for the years of instruction I received elsewhere over the years, but I am truly looking forward to even greater things now that I have found a new home at BKM.  ~ David Reinah

I have trained in a number of kickboxing and MMA schools and Blitz Krav Maga is BY FAR the best place to learn real-world, practical self-defense. I have learned more here than at all the other places combined.  ~ Frank Putz

What makes BKM stand out from other schools is the expertise of its instructors, who are constantly looking for ways to improve what they teach and how best to teach us. The school has a welcoming environment…everyone checks their egos at the door and is there to help each other learn.  ~ Alex Yasurek

I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Blitz Krav Maga. In less than a year, training here helped me lose over 25 pounds. It also helps me alleviate stress, and it gives me something to look forward to during the workweek! The facility offers a ton of classes, which really helps keep things interesting. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and highly skilled, and I have met some really great people. This place has impressed me since day one!   ~ Rob Cruz

I have been a member of two other schools in the past and neither had the level of realistic true to life training nor the comradery amongst the students that I found here at BKM. Every instructor is truly there for the improvement of the students. Most schools are missing something; not this one.    ~ Jon Posner

One of the best training centers you’re going to find anywhere. The caliber of instruction at Blitz Krav Maga is unbeatable, and the facility is spacious and well-equipped.    ~ Melissa Granados

Blitz Krav Maga is hands down (hands up in class!) the best training facility I’ve ever attended. My kids and I train here…teachers all have a great wealth of knowledge.    ~ Dean Montalbine

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