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Kombat Kidz 1

Introduction to personal safety; 360-degree awareness; avoiding dangerous situations; basic strikes (punches, kicks, elbows); striking when & where necessary; escapes from grabs; basic blocks of punches; & more. (Open to children ages 5 – 10)

Kombat Kidz 2

Additional strikes; escape-techniques; defenses vs. bully-tactics (headlocks, clothing-grabs, hair-grabs); additional defenses vs. punches; defenses vs. kicks; various tactical movements (standing & on ground); and more. (Kids Yellow belt required, ages 7-11)

Kombat Kidz 3

Strikes & counter-strikes; defenses vs. more aggressive strikes, grabs, take-downs; basic ground-defenses; defenses vs. chokes & headlocks; helping to defend others; tactical rolls; fall-breaks; and more. (Kids Orange belt required, ages 8-12)

My 8 year old has been taking Kombat Kidz classes for almost a year now. This is the first physical activity that he has stuck with and loves. Thank you!
Miriam L.

My boys love it. Great place and great instructors . Classes increased confidence, fitness and awareness. I highly recommend Kids Krav Maga for any child. It’s priceless – giving your kids the tools to protect themselves.

Liat Hanuka

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