Q: What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a true self-defense and fighting system, not a “martial art.” The words are Hebrew: Krav means combat, and Maga means contact, so Krav Maga means Contact Combat. Originally created and developed by Imi Lichtenfeld as Kapap (a Hebrew acronym meaning face-to-face combat) Imi’s motive for developing Krav Maga was to provide real-world, life-saving, battle-tested skills for defending against armed and unarmed attacks, single and multiple attackers, and unfamiliar combat situations that require instant adaptation. At its core, Krav Maga teaches that when necessary, self-defense and counter-attacks must be explosive, with full commitment until the attacker is neutralized and the defender is safe.

Q: What kinds of threats and attacks can someone defend using Krav Maga?

The basic Krav Maga curriculum includes defenses against various strikes, chokes, headlocks, bear-hugs, various grabs, basic ground fighting, attacks with “cold” weapons (i.e. sticks), and more. Intermediate Krav Maga entails techniques for defending against various weapons, more intensive ground fighting, multiple attacker scenarios, and more. In addition, in both basic and intermediate levels, students learn a wide variety of adaptable strikes to use for counter-attacks. At the advanced levels, students train in a widening range of attack and threat situations including armed attacks with handguns, rifles, knives, and improvised weapons.

Q: Are there belts?

Krav Maga does have a belt-progression, though few schools require adult students to wear belts in class. (Remember, Krav Maga is real-world self-defense and fighting system; people don’t wear these types of belts in the “street.”) The belt-progression is: Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Brown, Black Dan 1, Dan 2, Dan 3 and so on.

Q: Are there Certificates and/or Diplomas?

Yes to both. Each belt promotion also results in students receiving a Diploma for that level. In addition, between belt-levels, there are progress levels for which students receive certificates.

Q: So what does the overall promotion sequence look like?

Blitz Krav Maga progress benchmarks are as follows:

  • Basic Practitioner-1 (certificate)
  • Basic Practitioner-2 (Yellow belt and diploma)
  • Basic Practitioner-3 (certificate)
  • Intermediate Practitioner-1 (Orange belt and diploma)
  • Intermediate Practitioner-2 (certificate)
  • Intermediate Practitioner-3 (Green belt and diploma)
  • Intermediate Practitioner-4 (certificate)
  • Advanced Practitioner-1 (Blue belt and diploma)
  • Advanced Practitioner-2 (certificate)
  • Advanced Practitioner-3 (Brown belt and diploma)
  • Expert Practitioner-1 (certificate)
  • Expert Practitioner-2 (Black belt and diploma)
  • Expert Practitioner-3 (certificate)
  • Expert Practitioner-4 (Dan 2 Diploma and belt-stripe)

Q: How does a person advance?

After you have trained the requisite number of classes at your level as well as those in prior levels (once you have advanced beyond Yellow belt), you will be tested in a small group. Each test requires students to demonstrate proficiency in the techniques for that level and refined skills from prior levels. Krav Maga tests are not “you test, you pass”; an authentic Krav Maga program does not promote students just for training a particular number of classes. When students pass each belt test, they know that they have achieved a high degree of skill at that level.


You have choices for where to train. Schools throughout Long Island may offer Krav Maga classes and limited programs. BLITZ KRAV MAGA was—and is—Long Island’s first and only training center fully dedicated to the Israeli Krav Maga curriculum. Chief Instructor, Michael Blitz is a 3rd Dan and is among the highest ranking Krav Maga instructors in the U.S. Senior Instructor, Michael Cohen, is a Special Forces veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and is an expert in military applications of the system. In addition, our other instructors are nationally and internationally certified, and all have trained extensively with Michael Blitz. Simply put, BLITZ KRAV MAGA offers the best and most advanced Israeli Krav Maga training to be found in the region. We look forward to training with you!

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