Krav Maga Training Levels 

Level 1

Strikes (hands, legs, elbows); self-defense vs. punches, chokes, headlocks, grabs; tactical movement (standing & ground); concepts of explosive defense & counter-attack; “dirty tactics” & more.

Level 2

Self-defense vs. more aggressive choke & headlock attacks; defenses vs. stick-attacks; basic ground-fighting and defenses; defenses vs. strikes (kicks, punches, knees); additional tactical movements, defenses vs. more aggressive grabs (clothing, bear hug), & more. (Yellow belt required)

Level 3

Additional defenses vs. stick-attacks; defenses vs. handgun-threats; more advanced defenses vs. strikes; ground-fighting & defenses; takedowns; defenses vs. multiple attackers, & more. (Orange belt required)

Level 4

Additional defenses vs. handgun-threats; defenses vs. knife threats & attacks; wrist & arm locks; advanced ground-fighting &   defensive techniques; advanced defenses vs. strikes; defenses vs. nelsons; & more. (Green belt required)

Level 5

Advanced defenses vs. hand-gun threats; use of stick as attack & defense weapon; advanced defenses vs. knife threats & attacks; use of/defenses vs. improvised weapons; sweeps; advanced ground-fighting vs. single & multiple attackers; defenses vs. multiple armed & unarmed attackers; situational defenses & fighting scenarios; throws & flips; intro to 3rd party protection & rescue; intro to defenses vs. carjacking, & more. (Blue belt required)

Level 6

Defenses vs. rifle-threats, defenses vs. car-jack attempts; advanced techniques vs. knife/gun/improvised weapon threats & attacks; defeat of threats of/attempts at abduction; 3rd party protection & rescue tactics; defenses vs. chokes with rope, wire, chain; fighting with knives, use of firearms; defenses vs. additional high-risk cold weapons (hatchets, long-knives/machetes, broken glass, etc.); security locks (arms, legs, neck, etc.); more advanced ground techniques; close-quarter defenses & counter-attacks (i.e. in stairwells, restrooms); fighting & defending in hazardous (i.e. smoky, live-fire, etc.) environments & low/no-light environments; & more. (Brown belt required)

Level 7

Advanced training in all defenses against threats and attacks with weapons; more advanced situational training (i.e. public transportation, attack scenarios where vulnerable bystanders may interfere, etc.); advanced “review” of all techniques under injury-conditions (bone-fracture, amputation, eye-injury, etc.); more complex defense/fight scenarios (i.e. while bound, suspended); more complex multiple-attacker scenarios, and more.

I’ve been training Krav Maga for 2.5 years up and down the West Coast of the United States and sampled many training centers across the country. Blitz Krav Maga is the best on Long Island and among the best in the NYC metro area. I would encourage folks in the city that don’t mind the train ride or drive out to the Island and are looking for high quality instructors to make the additional investment and go to Blitz Krav Maga.

Dann S.

Michael Blitz & Michael Cohen at Dennis Hanover’s Hisardut gym, Israel